Insurance Made Easy!

It’s easy to get outstanding coverage with the Leaf Home Insurance Program Powered by Suracy. You can get set up with insurance that is required of you as a Leaf Home independent contractor.

Signing up is simple. Please complete the form below and Suracy will contact you regarding your quote and you can quickly purchase insurance over the phone.
Important: You are required to submit your information, regardless if you choose coverage through our program or not. There is an opportunity to opt out of this program in the next step. 

Need help?

Should you have questions while completing these forms, 

Call 855-369-0069.

Why sign up?

• Insurance is required-Leaf Home requires all independent contractors to get and maintain certain coverages while working including workers’ compensation and general liability

• Competitive pricing

• Fast COI’s

• Outstanding customer service

• One-stop shop-Suracy takes care of the entire insurance process (product selection, securing your coverage, policy renewals, and more)

• It’s fast & easy

Accident Insurance

You can also get accident insurance through our program through Suracy’s partnership with Aflac. Accident insurance is a low-cost coverage that can help pay for out-of-pocket expenses in the event of an accident.

• Accident coverage pays out claims regardless of any other insurance you have

• Benefits for covered injuries are paid directly to you quickly and can be spent in any way

• Coverage is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

• Claims can be work-related or non-work-related

*Accident insurance is not required for LH independent contractors but offers many benefits. Not available in all states.